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About me

The roots of my yoga practice lie in Kundalini Yoga, the teaching of yoga that I feel most connected to and in which I experience the most literal "spirit rising" moments.

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Already at the beginning of the 80s I came to know the teachings of theKundalini yogas, taught by Yogi Bhajan, in USA. As a teenager I was also interested in other yoga styles and so elements from theYin Yoga, to theVinyasa,Jivamukti Yogaand theHatha yoga.

However, I don't like anything dogmatic, no claims to supremacy and absoluteness within and among the yoga styles - because yoga, loosely translated, means "everything is one", "connected", "united" - and in this sense I would like to always pass it on.


My childhood in a patchwork family in Germany and the USA was full of challenges and changes and sent me looking for the answers to the big questions in life from an early age.

Even as a child I was interested in everything spiritual and shaped my lifesoul color:


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I love & live many areas of the spiritual world, which I was able to get to know as a child in my family of origin, because yoga, precious stones, astrology and shamanism were part of my everyday life, such as "Sesame Street", inline skates, "7up" and "Dolomiti" ice cream .

Over the years I have "found" many different spiritual teachers, teachings, methods and approaches that I have got to know, deepened and experienced/lived.

So in the world of yoga I tried out and studied not only the most diverse styles but also the philosophies of the most diverse swamis, gurus and sadhis. And India - its country, its teachings and its people - has had a magical attraction for me all my life and has shaped me deeply.

Thanks to the generally very patient and understanding nature of my family and friends, they always looked kindly and benevolently at my busy search for new experiences and everything "deeper" - at this point a big THANK YOU for all your patience with me :))

and so I was able to collect many, many wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful spiritual experiences and encounters... and found - almost incidentally - to myself.

To this day I have retained my great enthusiasm, self-evidence and impartiality, with which I - lightly, joyfully and playfully - repeatedly want to lift the veil between the worlds, the spiritual and the material, between above and below.

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For me, yoga is a powerful and unique tool... for me, the soul always finds expression and healing through the body... and the mind comes to rest, becomes strong and clear... for manySPIRIT RISING momentseven!!

Yoga is the union of opposites

I really like and appreciate opposites because they create freedom and give space for self-discovery and development.

Yoga has always given me the true opportunity to get to know my different sides, to express them and finally to experience them as a whole:


I love the big city and at the same time I am very close to nature. I am thoughtful and lively at the same time.

I like to go into the silence as well as into the hustle and bustle.

I always like to go deep, am searching for meaning and loving the lightness of life.

With gypsy soul (quite literally) and a hippie heart, everything modern interests me,

as well as old customs and rituals from all cultures.

And all of this formed my deepest conviction:


Only when you can develop all your possibilities, perceive yourself holistically - on all three levels,

only when you discover new things, recognize old things

and can live all your opposites:

THEN you feel yours


***SAT NAM*** & namasté,  

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