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In the most difficult and hardest time for me of deprivation and restrictions of the Corona year 2020, I more or less by chance attended a stand up paddling yoga class with Katja.

Without ulterior motives. As a pastime. And from the very first minute and at first sight I knew that I wanted to become Katja's yoga student.

For me, Katja combines very spiritual characteristics and deep knowledge with a very down-to-earth, natural and lovable presence in the here and now.

And that's exactly how her yoga classes are designed: complex and diverse like she is. Every hour is unique. All accompanied by mantras and pranayama, which I personally like very much. Every hour brings me a little further.

Physically, mentally and spiritually. I can be totally stressed and annoyed before a yoga class - afterwards I'm always just relaxed, happy and in tune with myself. And the best thing is: The whole thing works perfectly via Zoom. And so I am very grateful that I got to know Katja in this crazy year 2020 and that I was able to experience so many new and beautiful things, which not only benefited me but my whole family.


Thank you, dear Katya!

Claudia G

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