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How did GODDESS YOGA come about and what does it mean?


I have been interested in Goddesses since I was a child - my first oracle card set, which my mother gave me, was a "Goddess Tarot".

Goddesses fascinated and shaped me early on - and I learned a lot about my own femininity from them.

To this day, dealing with the different energies and properties of the various female deities shows me which parts of it are lived in me or temporarily not lived.


And so the desire grew in me,GODDESS YOGA HAMBURGand thus to consciously initiate the confrontation with the many facets of femininity for women - and this in a particularly feminine, i.e. spiritual, intuitive form and strongly influenced by my yogic understanding of life.


According to yogic teachings, we women wear thisShakti Dharmawithin us, ie we only pay due homage to the Shakti when we surrender to its transformative powers - only then can we women connect with its universal power and fully unfold our own feminine potential.


And just today we needShaktiso much so in our society – cultivating its nurturing, calming, compassionate and healing qualities means taking it into our families, into the community and thus into the world and working against fear, pain, greed, power-seeking and arrogance.

In GODDESS YOGA we celebrate inWomen's Circle, whose sole great power and energy we use here as a foundation, the respectiveGoddess Sadhana, the spiritual practice performed to achieve a specific goal - here: the awakening, strengthening & merging with the energies of the respective Goddess within us.


We women give ourselves the space forShraddha, the deep belief, understanding and trust in the great feminine powers and benevolent forces of the universe.


Appreciate the cosmic powers of the goddesses, the sacred powers ofmother EarthEmbodying and connecting with on our soul level means acknowledging and often healing our own femininity.


In today's society, we women are often pressed into roles that harm, twist and mutilate us mentally, physically and emotionally .---Sexual object, youth cult, media world, artificiality, ---

yogically this is theworld of the Maya, the distraction and the illusions, the deceptions, in which we have to protect ourselves and our femininity and lead us back to their actual origins, content and values.


For me, for example, the tireless efforts of some women to want to fake a lasting youthfulness in all phases of their lives, which lacks any maturity, life experience and wisdom, are deeply sad and painful - because this is the loss of the connection to their owndevi,the mother goddess, becomes clear.


Because this Devi is constantly changing – she IStransformation

This is also illustrated symbolically by thewhite goddess, theroten  Goddessand theblack goddessand its many representatives.

Their common image is found astriple goddess,thetriune goddess.

For this reason, I have also included this symbol in my logo - as an expression of my tireless efforts to always honor and teach these female parts in my yogic work.

"Worshiping the Goddess in her multiple forms empowers us as women;  we are acting here as creative contributors to the matrix of the universe."    Katja Dass Pavan


in theGODDESS YOGAwe absorb the goddess energies and manifest the power of the yogini in bodywork, the yoga asanas dedicated to and representing the goddess.


In the sadhana, the ritual, the women learn asSadhaka(spiritual seekers) then, their blessed intention, the right oneSankalpa(Intention, determination) to strengthen & nourish for their yoga path.


Because first we women have to develop a strong sankalpa to honor the Goddess in order to increase the Shakti energy in our lives - to be able to unfold and constantly develop as women, in deep love and connection with the female principle - with us.


Women are by naturehealers, for they have the power to generate, manufacture, create, create and transform.

In her abdomen, theGarbha, as the sacred vessel, theKunda, in which true alchemy and mysticism is manifested.


in theGODDESS YOGAwomen learn to understand the play of the goddesses with their cosmic power; they learn to understand that their life is transformative Shakti, they learn to uphold and honor their powers of healing, growth and well-being through the body (yoga practice), mind (meditation) and soul (ritual).

And this Shakti force helps us women to heal on subtler levels from the hurtful influences of our society.

Also we learn in this particularyoga practiceto deal with the changes in our femininity, to recognize, accept, honor and live the gifts associated with them - for our own good, for the good of our families, the community and ultimately also society as a whole.

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