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My path to ThetaHealing®

I went with them for the first time more than ten years agoThetaHealing®came into contact and was able to experience for myself how this beneficial healing method dissolved one of my old, negative patterns and replaced it with a healing and strengthening pattern.

When the time was right, I decided to continue my educationThetaHealing®Basic & Advanced and encountered a lot of content that resonated with me strongly. This is how the founder of theThetaHealing®, Vianna Stibal in her first book "ThetaHealing®- The healing power of creation" (11th edition 2017) on page 41 the work with the chakras and the Kundalini energy.

She writes: “Every spiritual person is in search of Kundalini energy. When it comes, intuition is re-enlightened and awakened.”

theThetaHealing®The method uses the Kundalini energy centrally and initiates each individual chakra when ascending to the crown chakra. At this point it was immediately clear to me that this healing method fully corresponds to me and my being and reflects all my deep imprints through Kundalini Yoga and carries them in its core.

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ThetaHealing®is an excellent method for me to live a self-determined and above all self-effective life! 

I am full of gratitude in my applications of this healing method, what has carried me through my life since my childhood in Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and gives me strength, lightness and confidence:

"It is man's birthright to be happy." 

-Yogi Bhajan

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