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10/9/22 Full Moon in Aries - powerful commitment & relationship chances

During a full moon everything you feel is energized, illuminated and amplified.

The power of a full moon magnifies everything.

Just like the sun is shining on the moon to bring out her brightest light the same happens to you: all those things which you are aware of suddenly appear in a spotlight.

The already known becomes even clearer.

But the power of the full moon is far greater even. The light of the full moon shines her light on the things that are usually hidden from you or hidden by you. All those things which are potentially unconscious. Those emotions we are trying to hide, to withdraw from, to repress very often come to the surface

Sometimes this makes us feel like we are losing our minds because naturally enough is very challenging to be confronted with those shadow fields. Of course things we normally try to repress which are now rising are not welcomed by us at all. We might feel rather overwhelmed and like we have lost control. Instead we want to push them back down.

But the power of the full moon often is way stronger.

My advice here: look at that energy as a great chance, as an opportunity because anything that is coming to the surface is always a chance to release and heal.

And that of course is always for your benefit, even if it might cause you some struggle in the first place.


if something is rising it always means that you are definitely prepared to handle it.

So let it come out and face it. Go through it and get stronger.

Be brave, trust and have faith!

This month we are confronted by a really powerful full moon in Aries.

As an Aries Woman I knwo too well, what he is asking for... :)

One of the main themes of Aries is commitment.

So tomorrow all is about commitment.

Are you happy with your commitments?

Do you need to reprioritize?

What serves you?

What works for you?

What supports you?

What’s not?

The focus here will be on what are you committed to in terms of your relationships.

Any kind of relationship. To a family member, a colleague, a neighbor, a friend or a romantic partner. People leaving your life or people coming newly into your life.

Endings and beginnings of relationships. Letting go of people who are parts of your past and meeting people you know that they will be significant for your future.

All those issues are at the forefront during this full moon in Aries.

I went through several of such processes during the last weeks and months already-

challenging always, sad sometimes but always true release and healing in the end!!!

So stay strong, be brave and await great personal development!

So whether you are trying to get clean cuts from relationships that are no longer nurturing you or if you are looking for new fruitful connections, even a new love in your life – use the special energy and strong power in this relationship matters of this full moon NOW, because it is really an opportunity for you to go to the next level!!

If there’s something to heal, to let go of or to call newly in your life in regards of commitments – with the influence of the full moon in Aries you’re much better off and much more easily able to so.

If it’s about meeting someone new and starting a new chapter, this is likely to happen to you as well.

So not only is this a full moon in Aries but we also have Venus in the underworld and it’s conjunct Chiron.

Chiron always points out to us the fields within ourselves where we feel the most hurt, the most estranged, the most different.

Those parts of us from which we believe if anybody knew and saw, the wouldn’t like us anymore.

So we do everything to hide those things within ourselves.

Furthermore it can also be the aspects of life where we feel most victimized.

Here we feel deficient and inadequate and therefore blockages and self-sabotage-programs step into existence very often.

So wherever you are on your journey in terms of relationship and commitment:

Chiron will bring into the light wherever you have your scars and what holds you back from being your most authentic self in relationship.

This is going to surface right now.

Chiron is as well a great, great healer. So once you digest and realize whatever the wounds are within you, you gain back your power and experience healing on many levels.

Another rare alignment is happening parallel to the Full moon in Aries tomorrow:

Venus, the planet of love, the feminine and relationships is in the underworld.

This also has a great influence in the full moon constellation since it is absolutely confronting the shadow.

Here again things we don’t want to look at, we don’t want to deal or busy ourselves with are meant.

Most of the times we are not even aware of how afraid we are of something but tragically enough that fear constantly dictates all of our decisions ins life.

So if we’re afraid of relationships, afraid of commitment, afraid of being rejected, of being left behind or alone, it might not even be known by our conscious mind.

Consequently we’re again and again confused about why it’s not working out for us.

With Venus in the underworld a main theme is being forced to surrender, the feeling of disempowerment and for irrational reasons things aren’t working out the way you want them to.

Don’t forget this aspect if something happens during this full moon that might feel completely illogical and overwhelming. Because what this energy is trying to teach us is

to really surrender.

Literally everything:

Your entire ego aspects, thus your control and how you expect things to develop.

This is a real chance of letting go - for the sake of probably moving you more in the direction that is more aligned with your life purpose.

And as painful as it might be right now, there’s perhaps a lot that’s better for you in the long run. After you moved on from this experience.

If this happens to you within the next hours, stay calm and compassionate for yourself.

It will pass. It will end. Take it as an opportunity to better get to know yourself and the ways in which you react to a certain situation.

With Aries this full moon is already fiery – Mars as main regent.

We also got Chiron – main regent - pointing out wounds.

Finally Venus in the underworld.

Altogether this is a really, really powerful constellar situation to become more aware of what you’re trying to repress and hide from yourself.

Absorb it and move through it NOW!

What inside of you is ready to be healed?

Empower yourself by this great chance of confrontation and realization.

Within this process try not to judge experiences as good or bad.

See that the experiences you have and all the people you bring into your life, your soul is choosing because it’s here to grow. And it needs exactly all this to do so!!

Don't forget:

You’re always at the right place, at the right time.

Don’t compare yourself.

You are unique. Honor and celebrate that!!

May this wonderful full moon pour its unique energy generously on your life path,

Love, blessings & SAT NAM,