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"Every journey starts with a single step"

This big, big step for me will be across "the big pond" to the United States, to a small island in Florida.

My father's home, where I spent the happiest days of my childhood, adolescence and young adulthood.

So for me it will be a "back to the roots" movement, a reconnection to my source,

to the place where I experienced the greatest healing and clarity about my life purpose.

Here I learned the biggest part of my Yoga knowledge, received greater personal understanding for mystical relations, experienced spiritual awakenings and moments of deep understanding of the laws of the universe.

So far I spend as much time as possible on the island, in order to do researches, find out necessary information and connect to people who have a similar vision, drive and intention.

Because I firmly believe in the power and necessity of a community stepping into a new age of healing together.

A community that vibrates with one another in developing a new way of life that supports the integrity of the individual for the benefit of all beings.

My vision is to create a place on the island where people come together to practice all types of yoga, perform meditations, rituals and ceremonies together.

Where holistic healing practices are offered and honored.

Where people can finally grow through their healing and unfold their full potential. Accompanied and supported by others who know about the challenges and hurdles on this path.

Sharing their knowledge happily and caring deeply-

as I have always intended in the growing circle of my spiritual work.

So now, enough about me :)

Now it is YOUR turn!!

I am so, so curious and want to know:

What moves YOU?

What do you want from your life?

Since you found me, I know we join one tribe 💜

So what is your VISION for our future?

What ignites your inner FIRE?

What makes your SPIRIT RISE?

Thank you so much for sharing with me - with us.

Please write in the comment box below or send an email to

And hopefully we will meet in person - one day.

If not, the virtual reality also offers many ways to get together, to jam together.

So in the near future I hope to offer more of my work in webinars and video conferences.

Finally I want to share this with you:

My believe

Inspiration is the birthplace of creativity.

Creativity is life force.

Life force is Love.


- Kaja Dass Pavan

Sending out a big hug from the heart to you, tons of love & blessings,



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