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theThetaHealing® method is one of the most effective mental healing methods of our time.

In a kind of meditation process, she uses the theta brain waves, which we experience as a calm vibration of 4-8 cycles per second in deep meditation, in hypnosis and also in dream sleep.

It has been scientifically proven that both our feelings and the power of our thoughts have a direct impact on our physical, mental and spiritual well-being and thus affect our health; this knowledge is imThetaHealing®made usable.

In this healing method, the wide open subconscious is used in deep connection with the energy of creation, which is now open for positive changes. This is basedThetaHealing®predominantly on beliefs and emotional work, in which blockages are released and limitations removed on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

WithThetaHealing®negative beliefs and restrictive, old basic attitudes, which usually lie dormant in us unconsciously, can be quickly and effectively tracked down, solved and replaced with positive beliefs.

areas of application

ThetaHealing®means change for mind, body and soul.

In the course of life, people are exposed to many negative influences, which they store up consciously and unconsciously. They are constantly affecting all three levels of his being - mind, body and spirit.

In a treatment, we look at any form of discomfort as an impact that takes us back to where it happened in your life story.

Here you dissolve destructive and exhausting old patterns and replace them with positive beliefs. Soon you can experience how your new patterns bring about positive resonance and a positively changed life.

  • stress

  • burnout

  • sleep disorders, depression

  • addictive behavior

  • fears

  • listlessness

  • negative emotions

  • Treatment of traumatic experiences

  • Professional reorientation

  • Self-doubt / low self-esteem

  • Problems in family, partnership and relationships

Usually only a few ThetaHealing® sessions are necessary,

to work on a topic in a sustainable way.

Procedure of a ThetaHealing®individual session

In advance of oneThetaHealing®Individual session becomes the method and procedure of in a conversationThetaHealing®briefly explained again. In this preliminary talk you can now express your personal wishes and determine which topic should be addressed in the individual session.

This topic is then explored in detail during the "reading". There can be connections between ways of thinking about this topic and blockages or difficulties in your current life; In the course of the session, other topics may also arise that can also be dealt with.

In aThetaHealing®In individual sessions, emotional deficits, negative basic attitudes and blockages can be identified and resolved.

You are always actively present, in a very relaxed, awake state and consciously have a say in everything.

duration and cost

Duration der 1. Session about 60 to 90 minutes
Cost per session: 115.00 euros

ThetaHealing®as a gift: Make your loved ones happy and give them new zest for life and support them in solving their blockages! I would be happy to issue you a nice personalized voucher!

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