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Spirit Rising Yoga

Yoga workshop for (intended) mothers

Kundalini Yoga is also called the "mother" of all yogas - so what suits you better in your current phase of life than this form of yoga?

Becoming a mother is undoubtedly the biggest change in every woman's life. This workshop invites you, in this phase as a "mum-to-be" to get the chance to make friends with the new body after pregnancy and to effectively increase your body awareness; as well as your resilience and resilience.

Above all, this weekend you will have intensive time "for yourself" to center yourself, to experience yourself, to relax and at the same time to replenish your energy reserves.

Special yoga asanas support you in perceiving the pelvic floor very intensively and ultimately strengthening it over the long term.

This body region is often weakened both after natural childbirth and after KS.

But a strong pelvic floor, according to the yogis, is the prerequisite for a

joyful and (sexually) fulfilled life - and also helps to facilitate future conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

This workshop is therefore aimed specifically at all those who are planning a pregnancy and want to do themselves good and support them effectively.

In addition to the yoga exercises, deep meditations and breathing exercises will ensure your relaxation and nourishment of mind, body and soul. In addition, you can expect many practical tips from the wonderful world of yoga - I will be particularly happy to answer individual questions.

Lunch break from 12.00 p.m. to 1.00 p.m

Please bring: comfortable, loose clothing in a layered look, warm socks, towel, blanket if necessary, water bottle, writing materials and pen

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